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Zipper Closure Expansion PDF


Add a zipper closure to the Portsmith or Oberlin Tote!

Product Details


  • Portsmith Zipper Closure PDF instructions
  • Oberlin Zipper Closure PDF instructions
  • Access to zipper closure video tutorials

These PDF instructions are designed to be used in tandem with the main Portsmith and Oberlin patterns, which are sold separately. Helpful signposts will guide your making path, letting you know when it’s time to transition from one set of instructions to the other. While instructions for the Portsmith and Oberlin are similar, zipper lengths, measurements, and sequence of construction differ, so there are two separate PDFs. Zipper closure can be combined with lining expansion on either bag. 

PDF Purchasing Info: After purchasing a PDF pattern, you will receive an email with a link to download the digital file and video. You can also access all previously-purchased digital goods at any time by logging into your account in the upper right-hand corner of our site. NOTE: It may not be possible to download a PDF pattern directly to your tablet or mobile device without a download app. We suggest using Adobe Acrobat in combination with a file storage service like Dropbox to download files to mobiles devices.

Learn With Us

At Klum House, we pride ourselves in creating patterns that are thoughtful, holistic, and easy-to-follow. We want you to feel fully-supported at every step of your making journey. This is what you can expect to encounter:

Clear Instructions - We are teachers, first and foremost, and as such we know that clear language is so important. We are dedicated to crafting simple, easy-to-follow instructions, so you can forge ahead with confidence.

Helpful Tips + Cautions - Your instructions booklet will be peppered with helpful tips, reminders, and caution moments. We know all of the most common mistakes (because we’ve made them!) and point them out so you can avoid them.

Excellent Illustrations - Our patterns are filled with helpful, technically-precise illustrations. We makers are visual learners! With 3D renderings and transparent layers, we’ll help you conceptualize every stitch, flip, and fold.

Specialty Education - Bag making is different from other types of sewing. It involves working with heavy-duty fabrics, leather, hardware, and tools you may not have encountered before. But don’t worry, our patterns break it all down.

Multiple Making Paths - Whether you choose to make from a fully-prepped maker kit, a leather + hardware kit, or “from scratch,” our patterns are designed to guide you along your chosen path to guarantee a successful make!

Supplies Needed

Full Maker Kit - The easiest way to get all the supplies you need is by adding a zipper closure fully-prepped Portsmith or Oberlin maker kit. You'll get the PDF instructions included that way as well, so no need to purchase them separately here!

Zipper Closure Kit - Alternatively, you can purchase a Portsmith or Oberlin zipper closure kit, which comes with the ingredients you need—zipper, and leather pieces—in the colors of your choice.

Make From Scratch - Source and prep all of the materials yourself! Here's what you'll need: