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An Interview with Fabric Designer Amy van Luijk

We’re so excited to be offering new limited edition Oberlin Tote maker kits, featuring fabric from Amy van Luijk’s new “Surface” collection for Figo! We love Amy’s minimal, neutral-colored prints and can’t get over how gorgeous they are in combination with our waxed canvas on the Oberlin Tote! You can now make an Oberlin Tote in one of four, limited-edition color ways, with the option to add on a matching lining and/or zipper closure expansion. Pre-sale launches next week!

Check out this interview with Amy van Luijk to learn more about her creative process!


How long have you been designing prints for textiles?

About ten years now. I design prints for textiles alongside doing illustration work.


What is your creative process like when developing a new fabric collection?

I ideally like to block out a good chunk of time with no distractions and start with paint, pencils, paper, pastels, etc. I try not to have a clear idea of what I want the designs to look like to start with and follow intuition and feeling instead. I find it takes me a while to get anything good happening, for me it's good to keep working quickly but carefully and with my eyes open.

Do you prefer working more analog, digital, or a combination of both?

I prefer to start all my work analog because for me that is where the magic and discovery happens. I then try my hardest to retain the integrity and spontaneity of the artwork when I transfer my designs to the computer to create the repeat.

What's the story behind your new Surface collection for Figo? What were your main design goals and inspirations?

Surface was about capturing the energy and imperfections of hand drawn marks which reflect the natural quality of the linen/cotton it is printed on.


What's it like to see other makers use your fabrics in their own projects?

It's very exciting! It's such a treat!

Who or what are you most inspired by these days?

I've been getting a lot of inspiration from abstract art at the moment. Paring back and concentrating on the interaction between colours, textures, and shapes.

I've also been getting back into textiles and making again. I've just warped up a loom and have been dreaming up things I'm going to make on that. Wish me luck!

You can see more of Amy van Luijk’s work at herwebsite.



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