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This week, we are very excited to introduce you to a new making friend, Jayne Liu (@ilovesnacks)!



Jayne is a fellow Portlander, a photographer, an adventurer, and a maker extraordinaire. She is always creating something beautiful with her hands and works in a wide variety of mediums, including sewing, knitting, embroidery, and jewelry making. By day, Jayne works with small businesses to help them automate their workflows. She is also a freelance photographer and has been on both sides of the camera for some Klum House photo shoots (see below 😊). When she’s not working or making, Jayne is tending to her indoor jungle and hanging out with her adorable dog, Porcini.

Today, Jayne is taking over our Instagram Stories as she makes a Portsmith Tote!

^^ Jayne captured in her natural camping element with an
Oberlin Tote at a Klum House photo shoot last summer

Where are you currently located?

I am currently located in Portland, Oregon. There's a show about it.

How do you (normally) spend your days?

Besides my nerdy day job, I spend a lot of time outdoors in the forest. I have a truffle dog named Porcini and we can be found wandering amongst douglas firs for hours looking for delicious ground snacks.  Nature brings me a lot of inspiration and it gives me that disconnected offscreen time I need (since I basically work inside a computer). It also inspires a lot of my art via photography, capturing those serene moments. On the weekends, I sometimes go to my partner's family farm and help out there. I met a brand new baby cow last month! Since a lot of the forests are off limits right now, I am sure I will be replacing that with more farm stuff and sewing projects.

^^ Jayne and Porcini in adventure mode!

What project(s) are you currently working on, or hope to work on, in the coming weeks?

I am currently working on sewing a few dresses.  One of them is the Wiksten Shift Dress and my next project is the Demeter Dress by Anna Allen. I haven't touched my sewing machine in well over a year but this quarantine has me revisiting old hobbies. I learned to sew from Klum House about four years ago but haven't done much of it on my own until recently. I was really surprised at how easy it was to pick up again.  

I am also trying to keep my photography skills sharp, which has been hard since I have limited access to people and public places. I've been getting creative by attempting to photograph things from around my home and that apparently included a lot of plants. I have started an Instagram for just plant photos.

^^ Jayne’s incredible hand embroidery

What does you creative practice mean to you during this period of social distancing?

Being creative and having something to focus on has been instrumental to my well being. It prevents me from just sitting there and wishing I was out doing something else. It really gives me something to look forward to everyday!

Even before this pandemic, I worked remotely for a company so it's really easy to get sucked into the computer and lose track of time. Having these sewing projects lined up has really helped me set a time to stop working so I can go do something creative for myself. 

What do you hope to nurture, build, or transform within yourself as a result of this experience?

I'm learning to be more patient with myself and to slow down on some projects (as it turns out, I have nothing but time these days). I've worked on a few sewing projects where I try to speed through them just to see the end result, and then I end up hating the end result. Oh, the irony! So I've really been working with myself to take things one step at a time and sometimes that means stopping at every step to check my work or to even stretch a bit. I'm hoping to keep this momentum into becoming a calmer person and just remembering to breathe and hydrate. 

^^ A gold ring, made by Jayne

What are you reading, watching, and/or listening to these days?

I've honestly been watching an unhealthy amount of Jeopardy.  And I discovered this super cool music sitethat lets you pick an era and country. This is great for when I get sick of everything on my Spotify. I've also got a lot of true crime podcasts to keep me company while I work on projects. I haven't been watching or reading much since my projects require my full visual attention!

Are there any resources, small businesses, or other creatives out there you’d like to send some virtual love to?

Oh goodness. Where does one start?! 

@hellojonjones has really cool art that makes me smile.

@purlsoho inspired me to knit a lot of sweet cowls this last winter.

@annaallenclothing for making my dream dress pattern (Demeter).

@stonedwarecompany is a creative lady that has helped me stay creative :)

@katywaffles has really fun tie dyed embroidery swag that brings me joy.

@pdxpilates has pay 'what you can' online sessions while their studio is closed so I've been following along there to try to keep myself fit. I've worked with Heidi for a few years and I swear by her practice. It has cured me from bad posture formed by many years of crafting.

@loylysaunapdxgets a shout out because this was my happy place before the quarantine! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us, Jayne! If you’d like to connect with Jayne, you can find her on Instagram at @ilovesnacks and see more of her beautiful photography on her website. Also, don’t forget to follow along with our Instagram Stories today as Jayne makes a Portsmith Tote!

MAKING FRIENDS is an interview series with friends who make! In this weekly(ish) series, we’ll be introducing you to some new friends in the sewing world and inviting them to share a bit about their current creative projects, where they’re finding inspiration, and what working with their hands means to them during these chaotic times. Our hope is that these conversations will foster connection, community, and mutual support during this season of physical separation.


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