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This week, we are very excited to introduce you to a new making friend, Lyndsey Boyle (@asmallcloset)!

Lyndsey is currently a graduate student studying air pollution who uses sewing as a way to decompress from the long days of writing and reading. She learned how to sew in middle school and began sewing garments in high school. In her free time, she also enjoys gardening, wood working, baking, and film photography. Today, Lyndsey is taking over our Instagram Stories as she makes an Oberlin Tote!

^^ Lyndsey wearing her me-made  
Bob Pants

Where are you currently located?

I have lived in Portland for the last 9 years and currently live in a home in East Portland with my partner, a dog, and two cats. I love having yard space for gardening and an extra room to dedicate to sewing! 

How do you (normally) spend your days?

I have a full time job and go to school, so most of my days are spent working but I also run a slow fashion Instagram account that I post on nearly daily. I love the community there. 

^^ Lyndsey’s home sewing studio

What project(s) are you currently working on, or hope to work on, in the coming weeks?

I just finished up a Wiksten Shift Dress! Upcoming projects include a pair of Philippa pants, some boxy tees, and infant onesies for a friend’s (virtual) baby shower. 

What does you creative practice mean to you during this period of social distancing?

It is absolutely crucial during this time! I have started taking breaks throughout my workdays to get in 20 minutes here and there of sewing, which has been incredibly helpful with morale. I have also found that it makes me a better worker when I am trying to get things done. I am firmly against the notion that work must be completed before you can have fun! 

What do you hope to nurture, build, or transform within yourself as a result of this experience?

I hope to take this time to slow down and be gentle with myself. It’s easy when we are constantly on the move to ignore our needs and to feel like productivity and work is the most important thing. But I continue to realize that it’s not and that our productivity does not equate with our value as a human. 

^^ Lyndsey wearing her me-made
Wiksten Shift Dress

What are you reading, watching, and/or listening to these days?

Just finished reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Kimmerer (highly recommend) and watched Portrait of a Lady on Fire, which was soooo good. I have also been re-watching a lot of great nostalgic rom coms ;) 

Are there any resources, small businesses, or other creatives out there you’d like to send some virtual love to?


@minimalistmachinist– her Instagram is full of sewing resources and she is so transparent in her process.

@kryystaa (Shop Frond) – makes beautiful and simple clothing in Portland. I love supporting her work.

@threadsnips– always giving me sewing inspo and cool new patterns to try. 

@hiddenopulence– local alteration and upcycling in Portland! 

@portlandsewcialclub – a new sewing community group in Portland that hosts monthly meet-ups! (currently taking a break) 


Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us, Lyndsey! If you’d like to connect with Lyndsey, you can find her on Instagram at @asmallcloset and check out her blog, for more sustainable, second-hand, handmade style inspiration. Also, don’t forget to follow along with our Instagram Stories today as Lyndsey makes an Oberlin Tote!

MAKING FRIENDS is an interview series with friends who make! In this weekly(ish) series, we’ll be introducing you to some new friends in the sewing world and inviting them to share a bit about their current creative projects, where they’re finding inspiration, and what working with their hands means to them during these chaotic times. Our hope is that these conversations will foster connection, community, and mutual support during this season of physical separation.


Want to make your own Oberlin Tote?!



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