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Steel Fabric Roller

9 reviews

This is our favorite tool for making crisp, even folds in fabric—especially waxed canvas! It has a light, textured wooden handle for easy gripping and an extra-heavy, chrome-coated roller that requires little effort to press thick seams. Heat can damage coated or waxed fabrics (and they’ll ruin your iron!), but this tool gives a clean, heatless press with no outlet or wait-time required.

While the steel fabric roller really shines when used on waxed canvas, it also works great on many other types of fabric, including oilcloth, canvas, denim, laminated fabrics, silk, organza, leather, suede, corduroy, velvet, viscose, and other synthetics. 

Tool Dimensions: 5 3/4” x 2 3/4”

Care Considerations: We recommend cleaning the head of this tool with dish soap and water. Do not scrub with steel wool, or the chrome may peel. Do not submerge the wooden handle in water and do not use dish soap on the wood or it will dry out. Let the tool air dry completely before using on your fabric.

Customer Reviews

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Kathy G.

Love the materials! Directions are clear and concise!

Mrs H.G.
Great tool for waxed canvas!

For many years I resisted purchasing this roller. When I gave in and bought it, I wondered why I hadn't purchased it sooner. Because you can't really press waxed canvas with an iron, this is the perfect solution to making sure seams lie flat before and after sewing. Very glad I bought it. I've been using it daily.

Kris G.
You need this

Wasn’t sure that I needed this tool but I have used it over and over again! It is well made!


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