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This is a recording of a live workshop that took place on March 16, 2023. Klum House founder Ellie Lum talks all about making high-quality bags at home with canvas, leather, and rivets!

Learn about how to make your own professional-quality bags at home, on a home sewing machine. Bag making is different from other types of sewing, like quilting and garments, in that we sew with heavy-duty fabric (waxed canvas is our favorite!) and work with leather and hardware, which requires learning how to use a few specialty tools. With some basic sewing skills and a sense of adventure, it's totally possible to create durable, professional-quality bags at home, without industrial equipment.

In this free workshop, Ellie teaches about waxed canvas, the best leather for straps, and two types of rivets, double-cap and tubular, as well as setting tools, best practices, removing rivets, how to pair leather thickness with rivet size, and more.

Want to take the next step? Join us for our upcoming Intermediate Bag Making online course, where you'll learn the basics of heavy-duty sewing and go on to make your first two projects: a waxed canvas and leather tote bag and zippered dopp kit. All materials included. Learn more and sign up here:
 Intermediate Bag Making online course!