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Hi friends,

As you've probably heard, the CDC is now recommending that all Americans wear cloth face coverings while out in public, "especially in areas of significant community-based transmission." The virus can be transmitted by those not showing symptoms, so even if you feel totally fine, wearing a mask to protect others when you venture out for your grocery store trip is an important way we can all help slow the spread. And then of course there are those working on the frontlines themselves (THANK YOU! ♥)—at grocery stores, pharmacies, warehouses, delivering packages, as well as those with compromised immune systems. These folks need masks too!

So this week, I teamed up with one of my very favorite creative collaborators, Dustin Klein, to create a DIY mask-making video! Dustin is an artist, maker, and adventure cyclist with a weekly YouTube series called Everything's Been Done (who happens to also be by husband—and the current "artist in residence" at our house ). We wanted to make a tutorial that is super simple and accessible to as many folks as possible, so we used just used a T-shirt and some other common supplies that you probably already have at home. All you need is: a clean T-shirt, a sewing machine, pins, craft clips (or binder clips), scissors or a rotary cutter, a pencil or pen, a ruler, and an (optional) shoelace.







We hope you find it helpful! Also, I want to be sure to point out that the effort to make and donate large quantities of PPE to healthcare workers continues. If you are willing and able to make masks for healthcare workers, keep at it! You can find lots of info and resources for that on our blog. Either way, all of us can help reduce the strain on our healthcare system by taking personal measures and making sure that all medical-grade supplies make it into the hands of those who truly need them. By taking care of ourselves, we also take care of each other. And making masks can be fun and therapeutic in its own right!

Lots of love,