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Two Ways to Topstitch On a Home Machine

A topstitch is a strong, decorative stitch that is visible on the outside of your bag and helps create a really professional finished product. Our newest pattern, the Slabtown Rolltop Backpack, calls for topstitching, so we created this video to help explain two different topstitching methods you can choose from.

At Klum House, our preferred method of topstitching is a bit of a hack! We find that it yields the highest success rate on the widest range of machines. It involves adding a second spool of all-purpose thread to the second spool holder on the top of your machine. Treating the two threads as one, thread the machine with both threads, inserting both through the eye of a topstitching needle. The bobbin thread remains all-purpose. Then change the stitch length to 3 mm and stitch as normal.

For a traditional topstitching method, use one spool of topstitching thread, a topstitching needle, and all-purpose bobbin thread, change the stitch length to 3 mm and stitch as normal. 








To use our suggested method of topstitching, you’ll need TWO spools of all-purpose thread to match each fabric on your bag!



All-Purpose Thread                                                                           Topstitching Needles