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Today we're introducing a new color of waxed canvas to our collection: COBALT!But the cobalt fun doesn't stop there. We've also added cobalt waxed canvas as an option on ALL of our maker kits. We have cobalt zippers. We even have new cobalt felt for the Slabtown Backpack's felt-padded straps expansion! It's a full-on cobalt extravaganza. 💙




Cobalt Waxed Canvas


Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 12.08.29 PM.png

Cobalt Maker Kits

SHOP PORTSMITH               
                                        SHOP MAYWOOD                                                         SHOP FREMONT   
3. Woodland in Cobalt-min.jpg             2. Oberlin in Cobalt-min.jpg          

SHOP WOODLAND                
                                           SHOP OBERLIN                                                           SHOP SLABTOWN

     Cobalt Zippers Sq-min.jpg            

COBALT ZIPPERS                                                                                   COBALT FELT-PADDED STRAPS