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Mark your calendars—our newest pattern, the Naito Bucket Bag, launches next Thursday, September 16! 🚀 Below, Ellie shares about her design process and inspiration as we prepare to officially welcome the Naito to the Klum House collection. 




This convertible bucket bag is an idea I’ve had brewing in the back of my mind for ages. When I finally sat down to design it, the very first sample came out nearly perfect. I’ve been designing bags for twenty years, and that almost never happens. Every once in a while a design just emerges—and that’s how you know you’ve got to go with it.



As a tool-lover and person who has spent many hours of my life building shit, I’ve always had a sweep spot for tool bucket organizers. What’s a bag if not a tool bucket organizer for your everyday life? You need your phone and your pens and your sunscreen and your snacks and your Advil and your spork! The Naito’s got a pocket for everything.



I was also inspired by the traditional Japanese fisherman’s bag, which cinches closed when you pull the strap. It’s such a clever closure device.With the Naito, the magnetic snap in the center of the bag makes the fabric fold up into elegant pleats when cinched closed. It’s definitely my favorite feature of the bag. It feels like a magic trick!



This is the first project I've designed that teaches makers to sew on a curve. It's a next-level sewing skill. With the Naito, I felt ready and excited to take on that challenge. We’ve spent a lot of time crafting clear instructions and breaking it all down in our online class. Y’all are going to be sewing in circles in no time.




Most of all, I'm just so excited for our community to get their hands on this new project. As we round the corner into autumn, collective anxiety is running high. The world is broken and hurting in so many ways. Along with mutual aid (Ida relief, reproductive choice for Texans) direct action, and rest, I strongly believe in the grounding power of creative flow and working with your hands. Having something fun to look forward to helps too. I hope the Naito will be that for you. 😊

XO Ellie



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