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Stiletto Tool

This prism-coated stiletto tool has a sharp, pointed tip to use as a guide under the presser foot of your sewing machine. It's great for flattening puckers as fabric feeds into your machine, compressing bulk at the beginning of a seam, and keeping seam allowances pressed open beneath your work. The pointed end screws off and can be flipped around inside the handle for safety. 

Note: This tool is particularly recommended for sewing the circular base to the Naito Bucket Bag!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Elizabeth H.
Stiletto tool is a must!

I had my doubts about how useful this would be but it really helped keeping the fabric aligned when sewing the round bottom of the bucket bag! Couldn’t have done it without the tool.

Ambika J.
Love it

I love this stiletto to help me guide fabric through the presser foot of my machine. I can comfortably to so and see what I am doing using this tool. It is a super sharp point so its also useful for pulling unwanted stitches and widening holes and other random things. Its a fun multi-color and the point can be tucked in when not using it so its easy to throw in a bag and not have to worry about stabbing myself :P


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