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Edgestitch Presser Foot

4 reviews
Every bag maker needs one of these! You’ll wonder how you’ve ever survived this long without one. An edgestitch presser foot, sometimes called a “stitch in the ditch” foot, helps you sew a perfectly straight stitch in relation to the edge of your fabric or seam. This foot is compatible with most modern Singer, Brother and Janome sewing machines. Sewing machine compatibility is dependent on the machine having a low shank and being able to accept a snap-on presser foot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dawn N.
This came out so well!

I've never made a bag before and I was skeptical about how well I'd do, but this came out looking picture perfect (although the canvas does get more beaten up during the assembly process than you're initially prepared for - the first mark you accidentally put in it is going to KILL you, and then by the end you realize it doesn't matter at all). The pattern wasn't available for download initially, but customer service was super helpful in getting it to me. Literally the ONLY thing that could be improved would be to tell us which direction a zipper is usually oriented on a bag. I sat and thought for 10 minutes about which way I wanted it, and I'm still not sure I picked the correct direction, so I would have loved a "Tip" on that! Prospective buyers: the edgestitch foot was incredibly helpful and so were the craft clips, and I definitely needed the drive punches. The Chicago Screw Tool? Eh, I did use it as directed, but I'm not persuaded that I actually needed to buy this, so if you're looking for where to save money, consider leaving that out of your cart. I'm fairly certain you'd be able to make this bag 100% successfully without it.

Kristina G.
Perfect guide

Very happy with this purchase after watching Ellie use it I see how well it works. No more uneven stitching.

Connie M.
Edgestich Presser Foot

Klum House was understanding and fast with a refund for the Edgestich Presser foot. Unfortunately, this foot did not fit my machine (Pfaff).


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