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The Slabtown is a heavy-duty rolltop backpack, built for adventurous makers.

After many months of anticipation, we are very excited to announce that the newest addition to the Klum House collection, the Slabtown Rolltop Backpack, will be launching on Monday, June 1!

This bag looks like it shouldn’t be possible to create on a home sewing machine, but it is. We made sure of it. Our Slabtown kits, pattern, and online class will guide you every step of the way.


Professional results, next-level functionality.

Stay home and make now, get out and explore later.

For most of us, the most adventurous trip we’re making these days is from our living room to the kitchen for a snack. With the Slabtown, you can really spice things up with a trip to your sewing machine! For real though, this is the perfect in-depth project to tackle during this period of social distancing. Embark on this epic bag making journey now, so you can get out into the world and explore later!




Our kits make it easy.

All of the ingredients you need—durable waxed canvas, premium leather straps, and professional-strength hardware.

The Slabtown Full Maker Kit includes all of the pre-cut and marked fabric, ready-to-attach leather straps, hardware, and notions you need to make your bag. Leave all of the sourcing and prep work to us, so all you have to do is make. Want to use your own fabric? No problem! Go with the Slabtown Leather + Hardware Kit.

Make it yours!

One of the best parts about becoming a bag maker is that you also get to be a designer.

There are lots of ways to personalize your Slabtown to create a one-of-a- kind bag that reflects your personal style. In addition to choosing your fabric, leather, and hardware colors, you can also add sew-on patches and labels, stamp messages into your leather straps, and add pops of color with fun zipper choices!




We’ve got you every step of the way.

Klum House founder and pattern designer Ellie Lum has been making bags and teaching bag making professionally for over twenty years. You’re in good hands.




Can my home sewing machine really make the Slabtown?

The answer is almost certainly yes. You do not need an industrial or even heavy-duty sewing machine to make the Slabtown. Most home sewing machines that have been well taken care of will power through. Make sure to use a sharp needle and take your time. The Slabtown pattern and online class include detailed tips and tricks for heavy-duty sewing on a home machine.

Will I need special tools to make the Slabtown?

Yes, in addition to a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies, there are a few specialty bag making tools you’ll need for setting hardware and attaching leather. You’ll need a tubular rivet peening tool, a Line 24 snap setter, a dot anvil, and an 1/8” drive punch—all of which are included in the Slabtown Essential Tools Bundle, which you’ll have the option to add on to your kit. Additionally, you’ll need a non-rubber mallet and a hard setting surface, such as a slab of stone, metal anvil, or concrete floor.

I’m a beginner, but I really want to make the Slabtown. Should I go for it?

The Slabtown is an advanced-level bag making pattern that involves managing many pieces of fabric, heavy-duty sewing on a home machine, work with leather and hardware, and complex construction techniques. To set yourself up for success (and enjoyment!) we do recommend going into it with a solid foundation of sewing skills and previous bag making experience. If you’re a beginner, a great skill-building path to Slabtown would be (1) Woodland Dopp Kit, where you’ll learn to sew heavy-duty fabric, make boxed corners, and sew a zipper (2) Maywood Totepack, where you’ll become a tubular rivet boss and THEN (3) Slabtown! That said, if you’re down for a challenge, our fully-prepped kits, education-focused instructions, and step-by-step online class will be excellent guides on your journey.

Do I really need to sign up for the Slabtown online class?

You don’t need to take the Slabtown online class, but we do highly recommend it  for stitchers of all skill levels. When you sign up for the online class, you’ll get evergreen access to step-by-step video instruction with Ellie, the pattern’s designer. You can make at your own pace, in your own space, pausing, rewinding, and rewatching as many times at you need. In the online class, Ellie’s expert guidance and tips and tricks go far beyond what we could possibly include in the instructions booklet. If you are a visual learner or in need of an extra boost of confidence, take the class. It’s going to make your whole making experience more enjoyable and stress free.

Do I need to buy a kit or can I make the Slabtown from scratch?

It depends on how much work you want to do. Making the Slabtown from one of our fully-prepped kits is the most luxurious, foolproof, tried-and-true way to go about it. If you have any doubt about being able to source all of the correct materials or make your own leather straps from scratch, go with a kit. Sourcing and prepping all of the necessary ingredients yourself is a big undertaking, but it can certainly be done! There’s a full list of necessary supplies in the pattern, and you can find all of the raw materials you need in our online shop. But in general, especially if you’re making the Slabtown for the first time, we recommend making from a kit. You’ll be happy you did.



This is where the magic happens.

Klum House is a small but mighty women-run bag making studio in Portland, Oregon. Before we began selling bag kits and patterns online, we started as an in-person sewing school, and education remains at the heart of everything we do. We love helping makers build confidence through hands-on skill building. We assemble, pack, and ship every order from our Portland studio, taking extra care these days to keep our work environment and products safe, clean, and sanitized. Thanks for being here! We appreciate your support! ❤️



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